What are the Benefits of Joining the Prairie City Business Association?

Membership in the Prairie City Business Association brings many advantages for a local business, including networking opportunities, business recognition and support services and advice. Membership within the association is significant and builds over time – the more you use the association and its member benefits, the more you’ll get out of your membership. In many cases membership pays for itself through media exposure and educational opportunities for you and employees.

Prairie City Business Association benefits include:


  • Monthly Meetings – Opportunity to network and participate in the direction of the association.
  • Member Highlight Events – Networking event hosted by a member to highlight their business
  • Social Events – Networking opportunities hosted by the association, held once a quarter
  • Local Community Events – Prairie City Business Association participates in most local events and even hosts the Farmers Market and Winter Market
  • Mentoring – Access to experienced business leaders within membership for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, and/or facing challenges within their business.


  • Social Media Platforms – Prairie City Business Association is connected to followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Facebook Member Focus – Members featured on social media outlets.
  • Membership Placard – Shows community and organizational support.
  • Welcome Bags – Delivered to every new business and household in Prairie City, the bags provide a unique opportunity for exposure for your business.
  • Ribbon Cuttings – Available to new businesses in the community, businesses completing a major remodeling project, moving to a new location or new ownership. Includes social media promotion before and after event.


  • Prairie City Business Association Updates – A biweekly communication featuring not only association events and news, but also another vehicle for member businesses to promote and feature their events, employee recognitions, job opportunities, and news to other members.
  • Access to Member Information – Member brochures and other literature are available to members, residents and visitors.
  • Learning Workshops – Workshops on a variety of useful business related topics.
  • Business Advocacy – Prairie City Business Association can provide information on upcoming legislation and programs impacting our business community at all levels. The association also can act as a liaison at any level as needed.
  • Support Local Scholars – Prairie City Business Association awards a scholarship each year to one PCM senior that will be pursuing a college degree in business

The Prairie City Business Association is a group of local businesses committed to supporting each other! We strive to help member businesses by sharing important news about other business members, fostering collaboration through special projects and events and tirelessly promoting member businesses and Prairie City! We look forward to you joining our membership!

How to Do I Join the Prairie City Business Association?

Please download the form from the link provided below. Once completed, send the form to any of our executive team.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the Contact Us!