Prairie City Iowa Christmas Lights Competition Winners!

Tuesday, December 16th was a very cold but fun night of judging Christmas displays all over Prairie City, Iowa! We kept track of participation and found 236 houses with lights, wreaths or trees on display for us.

Here are the winners!

First Place: Mitch Bright at 500 N OrchardKM1_0985

Second Place: Dan McAdams at 200 E NorthKM1_0989

Third Place: Bruce Dennis at 103 HobsonKM1_0996


There was such great participation we awarded 5 Fourth Place winners as well:

Pattersons at 200 South St

Wagamans at 407 Jefferson

Cooks at 200 W Jefferson

Courtneys at 206 W Jefferson

Burns at 5th St

And a special Honorable Mention to the wrapped Maple by The McClures at 604 E 6th St.KM1_1000


Merry Christmas!

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