BioBlast Mobile Media Blasting

About Us

Bioblast is a family business, started in September 2006 by father/son team Dale and Andy Strum.  

We offer a variety of media blasting materials including:

**Recycled Glass – a great product for removing rust and other difficult to remove coatings. Glass is a safer and healthier alternative to sand blasting.

**Walnut Shell works great on wood and other delicate items that will normally be destroyed by sand blasting.

**Soda blasting is much better than sand blasting because it won’t warp open sheet metal and will not damage glass or chrome.
Soda Blasting will leave the surface of your project clean and looking factory fresh and ready for paint prep!

We do each project like it’s our own so give us a call. We can talk about your project and give you an estimate.

402 West 2nd Street, Prairie City, IA 50228

(515) 975-3996